Tips for First-Time Home Buyers on Insurance

Sep 1, 2022

For first-time home buyers, this is a fun moment. The time is right to buy a house!
Buying a new house is an essential milestone, and beginning your life in a place you can call home can be thrilling. Because there are so many different tasks to complete during the house buying process, it may also be highly overwhelming. A few examples include contract negotiations, mortgage approvals, and home inspections. First-time home purchasers should be aware that they need to take care of getting home insurance.

One of your largest purchases will be a house. To ensure your protection, follow these 4 insurance suggestions for first-time home buyers:

  1. Collaborate with a dependable independent agent.
    First-time home purchasers should engage with independent insurance agents they can rely on. Home insurance is typically new to first-time home buyers because they have never needed to buy it before. By operating as your own agent online, you run the risk of losing your most valuable asset if you choose poorly. Numerous insurance providers with different underwriting criteria are available to independent insurance agents. Based on their own underwriting standards, each insurer sets a different price for their insurance. You can acquire the best coverage at the most affordable price by working with an agent.
  2. Don’t confuse replacement cost with market value.
    Without taking into account depreciation, replacement cost coverage is the price to replace damaged property with materials of comparable sort and quality. The market value—otherwise known as your buying price—is substantially different from this. Replacement expenses are frequently more expensive than market prices. In the event that your house is damaged by fire, the replacement cost will be the cost of the materials plus the labor to reconstruct it. A homeowners insurance policy that covers replacement costs will be required by your lender.
  3. Increase your personal liability insurance to its maximum.
    If you cause bodily harm or property damage to a third party, personal liability insurance will defend you and your loved ones in court. The coverage is offered both inside the home and outside, such as at a ballpark or golf course. Increasing this coverage only costs a few dollars but is frequently ignored.
  4. Include appropriate and required endorsements, such as water backup and extended replacement costs.
    These two insurance additions or endorsements may just cost a few bucks. Many first-time home buyers strive to save money, so they might be tempted to forego certain coverages if they appear unnecessary. But trust us, you’ll be glad you paid the money for all of that extra coverage if you suffer a fire or water backup loss. Over and above the specified replacement cost, extended replacement cost offers additional coverage. It might be an additional 25%. The extended replacement cost brings your replacement cost, which was $300,000, up to $375,000 instead. 

Last but not least, if at all feasible, purchase your home and auto insurance from the same company. This is important advice for everyone with home insurance. The savings you receive from having all of your insurance with one provider will be maximized. This may result in considerable savings.